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Robot assisted computer vision

Integrating computer vision to optimize your operations

PolyRobotics optimizes the way humans and robots work together by integrating computer vision to achieve a higher level of automation. The robots become more effective because they can adapt to production process changes without the need for constant reprogramming. Computer vision also makes robots safer by enabling them to react to variations in the work environment.

Our technology offers numerous benefits, particularly in the areas of dimensional inspection, tool precision, safety, flexibility, and adaptability.

Consulting and technical assistance services for existing systems

In addition to designing and integrating new systems, we also provide consulting and technical assistance services that put our extensive computer vision (machine vision) expertise to work for you. We work primarily with the manufacturing sector to help businesses introduce these new technologies.

Our services:

Blue laser system used to identify position of stiffener within a structural membrane

Consultation services

Typically, we start by conducting a diagnostic analysis, then we assess the options available and help you every step of the way through installation and implementation.

When advising our clients, we take into account their development prospects and the protection of their investment.


Diagnostics is the first step in evaluating a project. It allows us to identify possible applications of computer vision–related technology for automating production and quality control processes.

Once the objectives have been identified, we assess their technological feasibility by juxtaposing the current manufacturing process and the resources provided by the new technologies available.

After our visit to your facility, we will provide you with a diagnostic report summarizing your objectives and explaining the available options. If the diagnostic analysis is favorable, the report will include the data needed to draw up a feasibility study proposal.

Feasibility study

In the feasibility study, we analyze all potential solutions based on the characteristics and constraints of the project and the technological options available. The study provides specifications that we use to recommend a solution and that cover the following issues:

  • Specific tasks of the computer vision/automation system
  • System ergonomics, use, and transparency
  • Mechanical, electrical, and computer interfaces
  • System scalability 

If necessary, we also examine alternatives based on the desired performance level and your budget. A preliminary cost estimate for the selected solution is also included.

Equipment selection

We will put our expertise to work to help you select the right equipment and systems for the chosen solution and technology. Our analysis of the various types of equipment available will help you choose the right suppliers.

Estimates and specifications

Before you approach potential suppliers, we review supplier catalogues and draw up a brief spec sheet detailing the specifications of the proposed system(s) in order to facilitate your negotiations.

Assistance with suppliers

Once you have your list of potential suppliers, the first step is to make sure they can meet the project specifications. If so, the next step is to assess the proposed systems. 

At this stage, the supplier is asked to submit a proposal along with technical specifications.  An agreement on the procedure for assessing the suitability of the supplier’s system will be integrated into the purchase agreements.

Supervision of installation and implementation

The main objective here is to transfer the knowledge and expertise your company needs to foster greater operational autonomy.

Our services include:

  • Involving your technical staff at each step of the project to familiarize them with computer vision
  • Assessing progress based on the project timeline
  • Providing advice and technical information as needed
  • Overseeing changes and assessing costs should any unexpected issues arise
  • Making recommendations when the client has important decisions to make

In short, we facilitate the vision system integration process, particularly if this phase requires close cooperation between the supplier and client.